The stele of Kytenians


According to Bousquet (1988: 14-16, lines 37.42) the stele says:

Responding favourably to their request, we shall make ourselves agreeable not only to them, but also to the Aetolians and to all the other Dorians, and above all, to king Ptolemy, who is related to the Dorians through the Argead kings descending from Heracles; because King Ptolemy, who is a descendant of Heracles, traces his kingship to the kings descending from Heracles; to the kindred cities and to the kings Ptolemy and Antiochos, who descend from Herakles; to the Aetolians and all the other Dorians and , above all, to king Ptolemy, for he is related to us through the kings

Sounds another archaeological proof showing clearly the Hellinistic Kings Ptolemy and Antiochos were seen as Greeks as all of the rest of Dorians.

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