Modern historians about Macedonia – Jonathan M. Hall


That the origin of this new population should be the supposed Dorian of northwest Greece seemed to be confirmed by the early appearance of cist
graves at Kalbaki in Epeiros, Kozani, Vergina and Khaukhitsa in Makedonia.

Jonathan M. Hall, “Ethnic identity in Greek antiquity”


“The Dorians have also, however, been credited with the introduction of ‘Protogeometric’ pottery, popular throughout Greece in the tenth century BC.
Its linear decoration and preference for tauter shapes seemed to present a clear contrast with LHIIIC vessels, and Theodore Skeat argued that it was
possible to trace its origin and diffusion through a stylistic analysis, particularly of the characteristic concentric circle motif. Skeat argued for an early appearance of this motif in Thessaly and Makedonia, from where it was diffused southwards, and attributed its passage to the series of
migrations which brought the Dorians to the Peloponnese.”

Jonathan M. Hall, “Ethnic identity in Greek antiquity”, Cambridge University
Press, 1998