Modern historians about Macedonia – M. Cary


“The future relations between the two peoples had been irrevocably fixed by Alexander’s Anabasis, which destined them to work together in close co-operation as joint rulers of the East, and EVENTUALLY TO BE BLENDED INTO ONE NATION.

M. Cary, A History of the Greek World from 323-146 B.C. page 10


In 197 he re-entered Thessaly and forced a battle on the field of Cynoscephalae. In this encounter the Macedonian heavy infantry proved that in a solid front-to-front charge not even the Roman legions could hold, but that, once thrown out of order or taken in flank, it became helpless. While one Macedonian Phalanx charged right home, another broke itself up by its own impetus and became an easy prey to the enemy; and the victorious division, without cavalry support on the flanks, was enfiladed and cut to pieces by the succcessful Roman wing wheeling upon it. This was the first decisive victory of ROMANS OVER GREEKS in a set battle on a large scale; but it sufficed definitely to establish Roman ascendancy in GREECE.

M. Cary, “A History of the Greek World from 323-146 B.C.”, page 191