Modern historians about Macedonia – J. E. G. Whitehorne



Perdiccas II was one of five sons of Alexander I, the king who had first proved the hellenic bona fides of the Argead House to the game marshals at Olympia. Despite a sunsequent blot upon his record as a good Greek when he failed to join in immediate pursuit of the defeated persians as they withdrew through his territories i 479/9 BC


Out of the rich spoils of his victory over them he was able to dedicate solid godl statues of himself at the major Greek shrines of Delphi and Olympia


The inherent value of these splendid monuments (incidentally the earliest know portait statues of a Greek ruler) has ensure they have long since dissapeared, but their dedication was enough to secure Alexander’s hellenic status for all time.

“Cleopatras” By J. E. G. Whitehorne page 15

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