Olympia of Dion

Dion in Macedonia, GreeceOlympia“,taken place in Dion, was a festival where Macedonians honoured Olympius Zeus along with Muses and their dead during battles.

The festival contained games, both “Gymnikoi” and Music, called Olympia. With the help of archaeology (2nd International Symposium Thessalonike 1973), we can say that these games were pre-Archelaos era but it seems during Archelaos’ time, they acquired more glory so that Archelaos is considered in ancient sources (Arrian and Diodorus) as their founder. The games of Olympia lasted for 9 days, a number paralel to the 9 Muses. [Andronikos “Philippos, Basileus Macedonias 1980)

Modern propaganda coming mostly from FYROM, claim falsely that ‘Olympia’ was a festival similar to the Olympic games because of the alledged prohibition of Macedonians in Olympic games. This claim is easily refuted by the fact that “Olympia” was another regional festival as tens of others were taking place in the greek world and also the same festival “Olympia”, was taking place in Athens [Pind., “Olympia, o Athinisin agon” by J. Ebert’s “Griechische epigramme auf Siger…agonen”, Berlin 1972, inscr. no. 79] and also in Aktio, having the same name.