Modern Historians about Macedonia – Eric Carlton


The literary evidence for these early years is sparse, but what there is seems to accord with archaeological opinion that the Macedonian tribes ousted the indigenous peoples of the area and established themselves at Aegae near the Thermaic Gulf where they coalesced into an identifiable nation. Scholarship has long been divided on the question of whether these people were really Greeks—certainly the Greeks at the time were reluctant to give them status as true Hellenes. The Macedonian language has not survived in any extant text, but their personal and place names, and the names of their gods strongly suggest a Greek dialect. Scholars are now more or less agreed that they were one group of many Dorian tribes that had made their way into Greece from the Balkans in successive waves probably from as early as the eleventh century BC

Occupation: The Policies and Practices of Military Conquerors

Book by Eric Carlton; Routledge, 1992, page 55


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