Modern Historians about Macedonia – Katja Mueller

Settlements of the Ptolemies: city foundations and new settlement in the Hellenistic world By Katja Mueller


If the ptolemies did not found cities in Egypt the way the Seleukids did in Asia and Asia minor, they did settle tens of thousands of Greco-Macedonians and other settlers.



Mainly it was Greek Macedonians who were settled.

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An importantfeature of Ptolemaic history and historiography has been the dichotomy BETWEEN Greek and Egyptian cultures. Modern scholarship has intimately linked Hellenistic colonization with the Greek side, with Greek culture. We might then expect new settlements to reflect this greekness. The city of Alexandria provides a good example. It was a settlement with a Greek-Macedonian origin. Its founder, Alexander the Great, was a Greek-speaking Macedonian, its second founder Ptolemy I, a Greek Macedonian general; its architects Deinokrates and sostratos of Knidos were both Greeks. The city’s grid plan was Greek Hippodamian. Ptolemaic colonization which followed might thus be viewed as a Greek phenomenon owning its origin and structure to Greek town planning.

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