Babylonian testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity



According to classical sources, Antiochus IV invaded egypt twice, once in 169 BC and again in the spring of 168 BC. As the Babylonian diaries records, Antiochus and his men, in order to celebrate his victories made “a pompe and activities according to…their Greek customs


Diary No -168. A14-15: ITU.BI al-te-e um-[ma] An LUGAL ina URU.MES sa KUR Me-luhha sal-ta-nis GIN.GIN IT[U.BI] LU.pu-li-te-e pu-up-pe-e u ep-se-e-tu sa GIM u-sur-tu :U. la-a-man-nu

The translation…

“…In that mont i heard that king Antiochus went victoriously into the cities of Egypt (lit. Ethiopia). In [that] month the citizens [made] a pompe and activities/rituals according to greek custom…”

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