FYR Macedonia’s leader ‘watched attack’ on Albanian civilians


FYR Macedonia’s interior minister watched as police entered a village and killed seven ethnic Albanian men in 2001, UN prosecutors have said. 

‘Criminally responsible’

Mr Boskovski, 46, was alleged to have effective command and control over the forces from his position as interior minister.

“Due to his failure to take necessary and reasonable measures to punish the perpetrators of the crimes committed in the village of Ljuboten, the prosecution will ask you to find Ljube Boskovski criminally responsible as a superior,” prosecutor Dan Saxon said.

Prosecutors say Mr Tarculovski, 32, ran a private security unit loyal to Mr Boskovski and led the attack on the village.

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There is support for Mr Boskovski in FYR Macedonia

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Ljuboten is remembering its dead as the trial begins

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