Chief government religious affairs official Zvonko Mucunski has refused to provide religious communities with the latest text of the new draft religion law, religious minorities have complained to Forum 18 News Service. The big sticking point in the draft law due to go to public discussion as early as March is whether more than one denomination of any one faith can gain legal recognition, banned in the present law and in the previous version of the draft new law. “Both we and Brussels criticise
,” Isa Rusi of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights told Forum 18. Imprisoned Archbishop Jovan, who heads the Serbian Orthodox Church in Macedonia which has been denied legal status, insists the new law must allow all faiths to register “not only when they result from differences between religions, but also from possible conflicts with leaderships of already recognised religious communities”. Mucunski insisted to Forum 18 that the current draft law “carefully” guarantees full religious freedom for all religious communities, “taking care of our specific circumstances”.

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