FYROM propaganda regarding the ethnicity of ancient Macedonians

The following text will expose the lies and deliberate distortion of history coming out from propaganda sites of FYROM.

Falsified claims from the propaganda site historyofmacedonia.org.


Ethnicity of Ancient Macedonians



contrary to modern greek claims, macedonia was never part of greece, and the ancient macedonians were not regarded as ancient greeks.

In reality the fact that Macedonia was part of Greece and ancient Macedonians were regarded as ancient Greeks arent “modern Greek claims” but are testimonies of ancient Greeks (including ancient Macedonians themselves) and other ancient people.

Ancient sources are clear:

1. Ancient sources about Macedonia as a Greek Land

2. Ancient Greeks references to Macedonians as Greeks

3. Roman testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity being Greek

4. Persian Testimonies about ancient Macedonian Ethnicity being Greek

5. Indian Testimonies about ancient Macedonians being Greek

6. Jewish testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity being Greek

7. Babylonian testimonies about ancient Macedonian ethnicity being Greek


quite the opposite – the macedonians conquered greece and enslaved the greeks for centuries until rome conquered macedonia in 168 bc. thepurpose of these pages is to provide the reader with documented evidence for all these assertions above and show that ancient macedonians could not have been greeks based on all documented evidence. it will provide scholarly evidence that the ancient macedonians:[

The Propagandists of FYROM shamefully


were just that – macedonians, who did not regard the greeks as their kindred but looked down upon them with contempt.

On the contrary  ancient sources verify ancient Macedonians considered themselves as Greeks.


were called barbarians, a label that the ancient greeks attributed only to non-greeks.

 Another unhistorical illusion of modern FYROM propaganda. Truth is ancient sources are clear that also other Greek tribes were labeled barbarians except Macedonians.

conquered greece and enslaved the greeks, not united the greek city-states

Contrary to the wishful thinking of the modern Slavs from FYROM, Philip United the Greek city-states.

pillaged, burnt, razed greek cities to the ground, destroyed greek religious temples and monuments, and sold the greek inhabitants as slaves.

Unfortunately for the propagandists this was a common practise among Greeks. So did certain Greeks against other Greeks. (Atheneans Vs Melians, Thebans Vs Plataeans, etc) It doesnt mean in anyway that Atheneans, Thebans, Spartans, etc were not…Greeks.

garrisoned greek cities just as the thracian and illyrian cities (a sure sign of servitude).

There is enough evidence showing that also certain Greeks garrisoned other Greek cities.

even Greeks like Spartans placed garrisons to other greek cities like Thebes.


The events which followed confirmed this suspicion; for when the Thebans had expelled the Spartan garrison and recovered the freedom of their city, Agesilaus declared war against them.

Placing garrisons as shown above was a common practise and this doesnt mean of course in our example Spartans were non-Greeks as FYROM propagandists tend to speculate.

used the greeks just as they used the thracians and the illyrians for their asian conquest.

Another fatuous claim. Macedonians havent declared a pan-thracian/Illyrian campaign against Persia but contrary they united the greek city-states and declared a pan-hellenic campaign. Macedonians didnt spread Thracian or Illyrian language and culture but they spread everywhere they conquered the Greek language and culture.

were asked to evacuate from the whole of greece back to macedonia by the romans.

Romans were aware that Greeks were inhabiting Macedonia.


“Caesar judged that he must drop everything else and pursue Pompey where he had betaken himself after his flight, so that he should not be able to gather more forces and renew, and he advanced daily as far as he could go with the cavalry and ordered a legion to follow shorter stages. An edict had been published in Pompey’s name that all the younger men in the province (Macedonia), both GREEKS and Roman citizens, should assemble to take an oath.”

[Civil War 111.102.3]

were hated by the greeks, and that the greeks fought both on the side of the persians and on the side of the romans to expel the macedonians from the whole of greece.

Another pathetic attempt to falsify history. Macedonians were Greeks and the fact that some Greeks could fought against their supremacy in Greece was common also previously against the other great Greek powers who tried to impose their supremacy over the rest of Greece. Atheneans fought on the side of Persians against Spartans (see battle of Cnidus). This doesnt mean Atheneans were not Greeks.

were not regarded as greeks by the greeks, nor they regarded themselves to be greek, but were proud of their macedonian nationality and way of life, and

 Ancient accounts shatters the lies and distortion of history from the modern Slavs of FYROM.

1. Ancient Macedonian Testimonies about their own Ethnicity

2. Ancient Greek references to Macedonians as Greeks

that alexander’s macedonian army was not a greek army, nor that the macedonian conquest of asia wasa greek conquest

Ancient sources again are exposing the lies.

Ancient sources about Alexanders army Greek character