Ancient Macedonian kings – Aeropus I of Macedon

At the commencement of the reign of Aeropus, the Thracians and Illyrians ravaged the country of Macedonia, and were successful in all their battles with his subjects. At length, however, enraged by the misfortunes they had endured, and conceiving that they could only be successful under the auspices of their kmg, they carried the infant Aeropus with them to battle; and, either encouraged by his presence, or disdaining to leave him in danger, they fought with such obstinate resolution, that they put their foes to flight, and obliged them to retire from their country. No farther particulars are related of the life of this prince by ancient historians. He reigned forty-two years, and left his kingdom to his son.


“History of the Macedonians” By Edward Farr