Ancient Macedonian kings – Caranus

Caranos was a native of Argos, and a retaote descendant of Hercules. Such is Justin’s account of the origin of the mighty Macedonian monarchy; and though there is an air of romance thrown over it, in the matter of the oracle, yet the main facts seem to be substantially correct. It is confirmed, indeed, by the Macedonian standard. In order to perpetuate the memory Caranus, from some unknown cause, left his country about B. c. 813, accompanied by a considerable body of Greeks in search of a foreign settlement. Consulting the oracle where he should proceed, and what measures he should take in establishing his colony, it is said he was answered, that he should be guided in his measures by the direction of goats. Caranus proceeded into Macedonia, and particularly the small principality of .53mathia, then governed by a prince called Midas, and drew near to its capital, Edessa. The sky being suddenly overcast, and a heavy storm coming on, Caranus observed a herd of goats running for shelter into the city. Recalling to memory the response of the oracle, Caranus commanded his men to follow him closely, and entering the city by surprise, he possessed himself of it, and eventually of the kingdom. of this extraordinary event, Caranus made use of a goat in that standard ; and it is remarkable, that in Scripture, a goat was symbolical of Alexander the Great, the most celebrated of the Macedonian monarchs.
At the period when Caranus took possession of the kingdom of Emathia, Telegonus, the friend of Priam, and one
of the heroes of the Trojan war, governed Poenia; and there were several other petty princes presiding over the several
regions of which Macedonia is composed. Caranus subdued several of these princes, and added their dominions to his
own, laying thereby the foundation of that kingdom which his successors rendered so celebrated in history.
Caranus is said to have ruled twenty-eight years, after which he was succeeded in his kingdom by his son.


History of the Macedonians By Edward Farr