FYROM Falsified Claim ‘ Hellene man, Ruler of Macedonians ‘

Ανήρ Έλλην, Μακεδόνων ύπαρχος

Translation: Hellene man, ruler of Macedonians

Herod. 5.20.4

This is another quote used alledgedly as a ‘proof’ of the non-greekness of Macedonians. However here it doesnt cognote any ethnical distinction but it shows the desire of Macedonian kings to underline their Greek ancestry. As a matter of fact Herodotus uses in some cases the term “anhr” (=ανήρ) to emphasize someone’s ancestry.

Therefore we have in Herodotus 8.79.2 and 8.95.1 the mentioning of Aristeides Lysimachou, anhr Athenaios and in 8.42.6 we find Eurybiades tou Eurykleideos, anhr Spartan.