FYROM Falsified Claim ‘The old racial rivalry of Greeks and Macedonians’

FYROM claim:

Darius’ Greeks fought to thrust the Macedonians back into the water and save the day for their left wing, already in retreat, while the Macedonians, in their turn, with Alexander’s triumph plain before their eyes, were determined to equal his success and not forfeit the proud title of invincible, hitherto universally bestowed upon them. The fight was further embittered by the old racial rivalry of Greek and Macedonian. [p.119]

[Arrian 2.10]

This is a clear a mistranslation that leads to a serious misunderstanding and falsification from the known propagandists.

kai to ergon entau8a karteron hn, twn men es ton potamon apwsas8ai tous Makedonas kai thn nikhn tois hdh feugousi sfwn anaswsas8ai, twn Makedonwn de ths te Aleksandrou hdh fainomenhs eupragias mh leif8hnai kai thn doksa ths falaggos, ws amaxou dh es to tote diabebohmenhs, mh afanisai. kai ti kai tois genesi tw te Ellhnikw kai Makedonikw filotimias enepesen es allhlous kai entau8a piptei Ptolemaios to o Selekhou, anhr aga8os genomenos kai alloi es eikosi malista kai ekaton twn ouk hmelhmenwn Makedonwn

note (h=hetta, 8=thetta, w= omega

So the line in question is :

καὶ τοῖς γένεσι τῷ τε Ἑλληνικῷ καὶ τῷ Μακεδονικῷ φιλοτιμίας ἐνέπεσεν ἐς ἀλλήλους.


“kai tois genesi tw te Ellhnikw kai Makedonikw filotimias enepesen es allhlous”

but what is its translation???

kai = and
tois = the
genesi = beginning, origin, descent, clan/tribe, race, kind
tw = of
te = the
Ellhnikwn = Hellinic
Makedonikwn = Makedonian
filotimias = literally “love of honour”, but can also mean ‘ambition’ among other things..
enepesen = to fall
es = on
allhlous = eachother

So in short.. during the battle and while the Makedones were trying to equal Alexander’s accomplishemnts and not stain the honor of the phallanx, which was ‘unbeatable’… the ‘love for honor’/ambition drove the two tribes/clans upon eachother..

While the word ‘genesi’ may also mean ‘race’, Arrian (and NOT Diodorus) leaves us no reason to question the meaning, since he has already indicates that he’s using it with the meaning of ‘clan/tribe’ just a couple of lines down..

By Orphic Hymn