HistoryofMacedonia.org exposed – Part V ‘Macedonian sun’

Perhaps you will have come across to the following link from the propagandistic site Historyofmacedonia.org:


It doesnt surprise us anymore the systematic lies and falsification of history from the well-known propagandists.

Picture 1.

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It was found in Vergina, Macedonia, Greece and not FYROM.

 Picture 2.Same as above. It was found in Vergina, Macedonia, Greece.

Picture 3.









It was discovered inside the Macedonian tomb of Lysson and Kalikles which exists in Lefkadia, Macedonia, Greece. 

Picture 4.









No info like all the above where it was taken from. Similar shields exist in  Greek Archaeological museums.

Picture 5.









Someone forgot to mention it was taken from the church Panagia Peribleptos (St. Clement’s) in Ohrid. The limited size conveniently prohibits us from watching closely the Greek inscriptions of the icon like

 Picture 6.









This is part of the “Crucifixion”. According to the Serbian account of “Icone, narodna knjiga Vuk Karazic Beograd” it was painted by an anonymous Greek iconographer in 13th c.

Picture 7.









The limited size of this icon prohibits use from witnessing  just next to the right side of this pic there is in Greek letters the word “Κεχαριτωμένη” since…the specific icon was also painted by a Greek iconographer.

Picture 8.









‘Panagia Pelagonitissa’ 1422 was painted by the Greek iconographer Makarios. The systematic attempt from the well-known propagandists to provided as ‘proof’ of sth, archaeological findings in Greece and Orthodox icons painted by Greek iconographers of the previous centuries is trully ludicrus.

simon says:

I am of Macedonian decent, There are many versions and stories about what the actual truth is about Macedonian history from my study of information that I have gathered from both sides of the parties is that Macedonia was one of the first countries in Europe, I say this because weather people think Alexander was Greek or Macedonian he was the first war leader to combine all the states of Ancient Macedonia and make it an actual country. In saying that, when he did so Greece at the time was only an idea (soon to follow suit). Alexander was taught by many teachers but his greatest influence was Aristotle, Alexander was taught the Hellenistic way which was the way to be taught (just like English is taught to everyone around the world today. It doesn’t make everybody English! Does it!?). The kingdom of Alexander never ruled the cities of ancient Greece (you can see this on any map you look up of his empire. Nor are the cities apart of his empire) which means he had those individual states as his allies. All I’m saying is that ancient Greeks and Macedonians were allies working together. Both sides of this argument are pig headed and get modern day politics mixed up with ANCIENT HISTORY!!!! Greeks are Greeks Macedonians are Macedonians!!!! Lets appreciate the ancient history for what it is be you Greek or Macedonian because at the end of the day no one really cares!!!!

greek-macedonian says:

The "only" true story is that ALEXANDER THE GREAT was -=GREEK=- and born from the region of macedonia in northern greece. He wasn't a VARDARDSKIAN which your …..country was called "VARDARSKA"for many many years. You don't have any clues that he was born in you little country without history. It's all about a ruined publicity that motherfucker KISSINGEN want as without history,religion and culture. So you wake up one day with AMERICA'S leadership and you change your flag and your name of your country. I'm so proud that I was born GREEK and i thank god for this.And at the end of day that you mentioned the true will shine! Good night and dream that u had greek forefathers.