Greek minority of FYROM

A. M. says:

Anna seems to be another brain washed FYROMian (Vardarian after Vardarska should more correct). God the communist regim of Tito has really destroyed the brains, eyes, ears and logic of these people. I really feel sorry for them. They cannot accept their Bulgarian descent while at the same time they are stealing parts of the Bulgarian and Greek history! How can they be so brain washed by the communists (and now by the fascists of VMRO) that they are ashamed of their true Slavic/Bulgarian history, I really feel pitty for them! Schizophrenic! They absolutely need medicare!

Ana says:

Its true there is a lot of contravention going on with Macedonia and its name.But live that aside, what in particular got my attention was the fact that human rights and all these articles on Macedonia not respecting human rights, but none of the Greek human rights abuses have been mentioned. I will bring only one fact or rather a year that everybody of you know, especially the Macedonians expelled from their born places in whats today Greece in 1948. Do a 5 min research you will find out what the “exchange of population” in 1948 was all about and where did the money from the Marshall Plan were spent in Greece.
3 million Albanians live today in Greece( 10 million being the whole population in Greece), ask them or any other minority what right they enjoy. ( or as the Greek say they are so pure, that no minority exits( if possible after so many different regimes being on the territory))
Before publishing things that go against the self determination and the sovereignty of one country do little more research.