“Ethnic Macedonian” band is proved to be a Serbian band

There are volumes of texts regarding early 20th century Balkan military uniforms, weapons, and insignia. Lets examine those of the early 20th century Serbian army.The Serbian army, circa 1900 to WWI, was well known for the head gear worn by all levels of personel rank in addition to the weapons the general infantry carried.The head gear worn by the general infantry was known as the Sajkaca. The Sajkaca became a powerful symbol in contemporary Serbian culture and was worn by military personel and civilians. Up to this day the Sajkaca is a traditional Serbian hat worn by both young and old:





    This is what a typical member of the Serbian infantry looked like during the early 20th century. Notice the distinctive Sajkaca and notice the foot wear.:

Another distinctive trait of the contemporary Serbian Army was their widespread use of Mauser type rifles produced in Germany. The Serbs even modified and designed their own custom Mausers. Their use of the Mauser is described by James M.B Lyon in his journal article “A Peasant Mob: The Serbian Army on the Eve of the Great War” (The Journal of Military History, Vol 61, No 3 (July 1997) pp. 481-502)Here is an example of a Mauser type rifle:

Contemporary Officer uniforms used by the Serbian Army also had distinctive traits. One of the traits was their head gear which included a mid sized cylindrical cap with a visor. Here is an example of a Serbian officer in a picture taken during the early 20th century in Belgrade. Notice the distinctive cap with visor:

At the turn of last century the tensions in the Balkans resulted in scuffles and squirmishes that involved both civilian and Military personel to form armed bands. This is an example of a Serbian led band circa early 20th century. Notice the Mauser rifles. Notice the Sajkaca. Notice how the officer is wearing a serbian Cap with Visor just as the officer is wearing above.

Go back and compare the distinctive traits of the last image with the images above. Look at the mauser rifle. Look at the Sajkaca. Look at the example of the Serbian infantryman. The sophisticated reader at this point would have recognized that the last image was posted by none other than Mr. Maknews who advised it was an ‘ethnic Macedonian’ band that included his great grand father. A closer comparison:The Serbian Infantryman compared with the individual from Mr. Maknews’ picture:

The Serbian Officer compared with the individual from Mr. Maknews’ picture: The Mauser rifles that the Serbian army carried:


These were not “ethnic Macedonians”!

Source: Maktruth Blog

Georgi says:

The coloured pictures above named "Here is an example of a Mauser type rifle:" and "The Mauser rifles that the Serbian army carried: " are wrong. That rifle is NOT A MAUSER RIFLE !
It is Manlicher, model 1888 -- Bulgarian Army official weapon before WW1. I am talking about the pictures of the rifle itself, not about what infantryman are carrying.

Xaralampos says:

you are not macedonian