List of Macedonians in Filike Etairia during Greek Revolution

Among other Greeks, Macedonians had an active role in the Greek Reolution. Here is a small list with the most distinguished Macedonian patriots who participated actively in Filike Etairia (“Φιλική Εταιρεία”)

 1. Ouzounidis Michael

Trader from Thessalonica, lived also in Odessa. He was initiated in Filike Etairia in Moscow by N. Skoufas on 7th Sep. 1815. He was one of the first members of Filike Etairia.

2. Farmakis G. Ioannis, , Chilliarch

He was in the military and was born in Vlatsi of West Macedonia. He was former chief of Armatoli. He was initiated in Moscow on 2th August of 1817 by Emmanuel Xanthos.

3. Dassanis I. Georgios

Literature master from Kozani, 25 y. old. He was initiated in Odessa on 1st March of 1818 by Konstantinos Pentedekas.

4. Georgakis Olympios

45 years old, military man from Leibadio of Olympos and former chief of Armatoli He was initiated  on 1817, most likely by G. Leventis.

5.  Argyropoulos Demetrios

Diplomat from Thessalonica. Most likely he was initiated during 1818.

6. Chrysanthos, Archbishop of Serres

51 years old from Kozani. He was initiated by I. Farmakis on 15th August of 1818.

7. Nikephoros Iveritis, Chartophylax

Monk of Iveron Monastery and one of the leaders during Greek revolution of Mt Athos.

8. Emmanouel D. Pappas

47 years old, Banker from Serres.He was responsible for financial issues of Filike Etairia in Constantinople. During the Greek revolution he was head of the revolution in Chalkidike and East Macedonia. He was initiated on 21 Dec. of 1819 by Konstantinos Papadatos.

9. Dragoumis Markos

51 years old officer from West Macedonia. Initiated on 15 December of 1820.

10 Skandalides Ioannis

Teacher from Thessalonike. Initiated on 6 Dec of 1819.

11. Karatasios Anastasios

54 years old, Chief of Armatoli  in Vermion. He was the military leader of Greek revolution in Vermion.

12. Gatsos Aggelis

Chief of Armatoli  in Edessa.

13. Diamantis N Olympios

Chief of Armatoli  in Pieria. He was one of the revolution’s leaders in Olympos, Chalkidike and one of the Leaders in “Macedonian Legeon”.

14. Zafeirakis Theodosios

49 years old. Prokritos from Naoussa and Political leader of Greek revolution in Vermion,

15. Panagiotis Naoum

From Edessa. He took part in the Greek revolution, fighting in Vermion.

16. Giannoulas Ziakas

Leader of Armatoli in Grevena and Pindos.

17. Apostolos Kirimis

Second-in-command in the corps of Ziakas.

18. Nanos C. Perdikis

40 years old, Trader from Beroia. Initiated on 1st Octomber of 1818.

19. Gikas Masas

38 years old, from Kleisoura. Initiated on 18th Dec. of 1818.

20. Moschos Sakelliou

Trader from Thessalonike, residing in Smyrna. Initiated on 20th Sept. of 1818.

21. Athanasios Skandalidis

Trader from Thessalonike. Initiated on 1820 in Thessalonike.

22. Lounias Nedelkos

24 years old, Macedonian residing in Konstantinoupolis. Initiated in Jan of 1821.

23. Nikolaos Nedelkos

21 years old, Macedonian residing in Konstantinoupolis. Initiated in Jan of 1821.

24. Kallinikos Georgiadis

Macedonian teacher. Initiated during 1820.

25.  Kyriakos Ch. Kaminaris

Trader from Kastoria. Initiated in 1819.

26. Nikolaos Laspas

Politician from Siatista. Initiated in 1819.

27. Christodoulos Mpalanos

Trader from Thessalonike. Initiated in 1820.

28. Pantazis Mpakaloglous

From Thessalonike.

29. Ioannis Mpladakis

Macedonian officer. Initiated in 1820.

30. Anastasios I. Mpoudelis

Macedonian clerk. Initiated in Jan. 1821.

31. Stergios Polydoros

Trader from Thessalonike. Initiated in 1820.

32. Ioannis Skarlatos

Trader from Olympos. Initiated in 1819.

33. Nikolaos Trampazoglous

Trader from Thessalonike. Initiated in 1821.

34. Alexandros I. Piliadis

Trader from Thessalonike residing in Odessa.

35. Nikolaos K. Kasomoulis

23 years old, Trader from Siatista.

36. Kostas Kasomoulis

Trader from Siatista, father of Nikol. Kasomoulis.

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