FYROM propaganda ‘King George decree in Thessalonike”

FYROM Claim:

Salonika, October 31, 1912
“Taking into account the developed need for the urgent and temporary
organization of the administration of the territories in Macedonia,
occupied by the Greek army.”

The propagandists avoid to provide the original Greek source since obviously the decree was translated into English from Greek. The greek word used is the verb “καταλαμβάνω” and afterwards the word “katalifthisses” (participle). “Katalamvano” (the verb) means “to take possession of”.  In other words the King referred to the “territories that the Greek Army took possession of after military action” from the Ottomans,

Furthermore, back then the term “καταλαμβάνω” was used because of the agreement between the allies (Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria) to define the new borders based on the territories that would be occupied by their armies at the end of the war. In other words as you understand , it had nothing to do with whether or not Macedonia is Greek but it was used because it was the criterion established by the allies.

For the discomfort of skopjan propagandists the same verb “καταλαμβάνω” was used in series of effective military actions from greek army.

 As a matter of fact here is what King George said to the people of Thessalonica.

The article enlarged. 

King George to the people of Thessalonike:

“I thank you all for the beautiful and warm welcome which you have done. The king comes to bring Liberation, Happiness and progress. Be certain that we are going to love you just like all the children of old Greece. I thank especially his Holiness for his wonderful speeches which were given in the churce and really touched me.”

In this link showing the history of Greece, take a look how many times the verb “καταλαμβάνω” is used, Katerini, Kozani, Karpenisi, Grevena, Samothraki, Corfu, Samos, etc etc..

According to the irrational logic of Skopjan propagandists ALL of these undisputed Greek places were also not Greek.