Modern historians about Macedonia – Louis- Pierre Anquetil


 Louis-Pierre Anquetil, who was a French historian, b. in Paris, 21 Feb., 1723; d. 6 Sept., 1806

Louis- Pierre Anquetil among hundreds of books and works has conducted an extended thousand-page study in ancient civilizations, among which a study on the Ancient Macedonia Civilization.

Anquetil (1800,pages 115-117)) argues that ” at the bottom of the golph which contains the Aegean archipelago lies Macedonia. . . .the Macedonians had the same religion as Greeks,among their principal Gods were: Jeus, whom they honoured as their protector, Hercules,as the tutelary deity of valiant men and Artemis as the Godess of hunting, which was their favourite occupation“.

Now lets get to the hard-core

Anquetil (1800, p.116), states that , “the ancestors of the Macedonians, who became gradually masters of Greece, and afterwards of Asia, were ARGIVES. Having arrived in this country under a chief, descended from Hercules, they continually extended their dominion as much by theri prudence as their valour”

Full Citation for Anquetil, Louis-Pierre. A summary of universal history; in nine volumes. Exhibiting the rise, decline, and revolutions of the different nations of the world, from the creation to the present time. Vol. 2. London, 1800. 9 vols. Based on information from English Short Title Catalogue. Eighteenth Century Collections Online. Gale Group.

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