Albert Sonnichen – Our Slavic Citizens, 1910


Albert Sonnichen in “Our Slavic Citizens”, 1910, pages 274-275

The general estimate is that between forty and fifty thousands Bulgars (from Bulgaria and Macedonia) have come to this country, including those in Canada.


I hope you are not making any racial ditrinctions between Bulgars and Macedonians. I believe the Bulgars who have come from Macedonia and registered on Ellis Island as Macedonians, which is bound to be confusing and inaccurate, for Macedonians may include Greeks, Vlachs, and even Turks. The distinction between the Bulgars from Bulgarian and those from Macedonia is purely political.
The majority (I should say about 80 per cent) of the Bulgars in this country (USA) are from Macedonia; and nearly all are from one small district in Monastir vilayet;Kostur or Castoria.

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