French self-witness “Macedonians even if they die NEVER deny HELLENISM”

Account from a Frencman self-witness who found himself in Macedonia and specifically “to Demir-Hissar, to Barakli-Djoumai’a, to Serres, to Nevrocop, to Razlog, to Djumal-Bala, to Melnik, to Petritch, to Drama, to Cavalla, to Niaousta, to Vodena, to Sorovitch, to Clissoura, to Kastoria, to Monastir, to Megarovo, to Tirnovo, to Fiorina, and to a hundred villages.

Everywhere I found men who, even as they died, found strength to cry with passionate, intrepid voices. “ We are Greeks! Zito i Ellas !

all these Macedonians prefer to be crucified rather than to deny Hellenism

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