Ultimate Source List of Internet about the Bulgarian origins of Slavs in FYROM


origins fyrom slavs Ultimate Source List of Internet about the Bulgarian origins of Slavs in FYROM

1. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs – John Foster Fraser

2. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROM slavs – Keith Brown

3. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs – Francis Seymour Stevenson

4. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs – William Miller

5. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs – Kemal H. Karpat

6. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs – Isaac Asimov

7. Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROM slavs – Ashmead-Bartlett Ellis

8. E. G. Ravenstein in 1877 – No “Macedonians” but Bulgarians

9. French consul in 1831: Macedonia consists of Greeks and Bulgarians

10. Foreign consuls about Macedonia in 1903

11. Linguist Vladimir I. Georgiev “Introduction to the History of the Indo-European Languages”

12. Linguist A. Vaillant, “Le probleme du Slave Macedonien”, 1938

13. Linguist Fr. Scholz, “Slavische Etymologie”, 1966

14. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 1994

15. Prof. Dr Ivan Kochev – Sofia University, newspaper “Kontinent” , 1997

16. Balkanologist Vladimir Sis about Slavic Macedonians

17. “Greece in evolution..”, 1910 by Abbott, G. F. (George Frederick)

18. The outgoing Turk : impressions of a journey through the western Balkans (1897)

19. A. H. E. Taylor, ‘Future of the Southern Slavs’, 1917

20. C.M. Woodhouse,The Struggle for Greece 1941-1949

21. Allen Upward, The East End of Europe, London 1908

22. George h. Blakeslee ‘The Journal of International Relations’

23. Loring Danforth,The Macedonian Conflict. Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World

24. Edward J. Erickson – Defeat in Detail: The Ottoman Army in the Balkans, 1912-1913″

25. Arthur Douglas Howden Smith, “Fighting the Turk in the Balkans: An American’s Adventures with the Macedonian Revolutionists”, 1908

26. N.S. Derzhavin, “Bulgaro-Serb Relations and the Macedonian Question”, (1918)

27. Elisabeth Barker, “Macedonia, its place in Balkan power politics”, 1950

28. John Van Antwerp Fine, The Early Medieval Balkans: a critical survey from the sixth to the late twelfth century

29. John G. Leishman, US Ambassador to the Sublime Porte (1900 – 1908)

30. Dimitar Miladinov letter

31. The Nationalities of Europe, Robert Gordon Latham ,1863

32. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics

33. Tom Gallagher – Outcast Europe

34. James Pettifer – The New Macedonian Question (St. Antony’s)

35. Emily Greene Balch – Our Slavic Fellow Citizens

36. A. and C. Black – Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, 1838

37. Francis Galton – Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860

38. Albert Sonnichen – Our Slavic Citizens, 1910

39. F. Pouqueville – Travels in Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, and Thessaly, 1820

40. M. MacDermott – For Freedom and Perfection. The Life of Yane Sandansky, 1988

41. Richard Gillespie – Mediterranean Politics

42. Macedonian folklore (1903) Abbott, G. F.

43. Brace, Charles Loring. The races of the old world :a manual of ethnology, 1863.

44. William Zebina Ripley – The races of Europe :a sociological study – 1910

45. Isaac Aaronovich Hourwich – Immigration and labor. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1912

46. Sir George Campbell, 1824-1892, The races, religions, and institutions of Turkey and the neighboring countries

47. Turkey in transition (1909) Abbott, G. F.

48. Turkey and the Eastern question ([1913]) Macdonald, John, M. A

49. Henry Bernard – shade of the Balkans: being a collection of Bulgarian folksongs and proverbs, 1904

50. Peter Roberts – Immigrant races in North America – 1910

51. Hugh Pulton, Who are the Macedonians

52. McWhorter, John, The Power of Babel

53. Mark Mazower, Salonica City of Ghosts

54. Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007 edition

55. “The Burden of the Balkans” By M. Edith Durham 1863-1944

56. “The Balkan Peninsula”, by E. de Laveleye, 1887

57. Anastasia Karakasidou – Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood

58. Barbara Jelavich – History of the Balkans

59. Villari, Luigi – The Balkan question; the present condition of the Balkans and of European responsibilities (1905)

60. William Milligan Sloane – The Balkans : a laboratory of history – 1914

61. Verkovitch – Bulgarian popular songs in Macedonia

62. Francis Galton – Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860

63. The Bulgarians and Anglo-Saxondom 1919

64. Reports of the US Immigration Commission 1911

65. Foreign newspapers of 19th/20th c. about Macedonia

66. Sojourners and Settlers: The ’Macedonian’ Community in Toronto to 1940” by Lillian Petroff

67. The South Slav Conflict: History, Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationalism’ by Raju G. C. Thomas, H. Richard Friman – 1996

68. “Handbook for travellers in Greece:describing the Ionian islands,the kingdom of Greece,the islands of the Aegean Sea with Albania,Thessaly and Macedonia” – 1854

69. Tito and the rise and fall of Yugoslavia by Richard West

70. Encyclopaedia of Chicago by James R. Grossman

71. Foreign newspapers of 19th/20th c. about Macedonia

72. The Sultan and His Subjects – Richard Davey, 1897

73. The Museum of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art – 1834

74. Twisting the words of Finlay

75. Ilinden Pension Plan – Buying the Memories

76. A Frenchman in Macedonia of 1854

77. Makedonien,landshafts und kulturbilder – 1927

78. “National Histories, Natural States” by Robert Shannan Peckam

79. Forty Years in Constantinople by Edwin Pears 1916

80. The Edinburgh Review 1901

81. American Foreign Relations 1913

82. The American Review of Reviews Causes of the Balkan Wars 1912

83. Protestant Mission Among the Bulgarians – William Paine Clarke 1909

84. Researches in the highlands of Turkey – 1869

85. The Death Knell of Empire by H.G.Wells

86. Thessaloniki and it’s Geography 1839

87. Catholic Encyclopaedia – In the Classicification of Slavonic peoples found no “Macedonians”

88. Cosmopolis 1897, An International Monthly Review

89. By-Paths in the Balkans 1906

90. Nationality & The War 1915

91. Macedonia, A Plea for the Primitive, 1921

92. “The Twentieth Century” published in 1903 by James Knowles

93. “Balkanized Europe”, by Paul Scott Mowrer

94. Immigration Race Map of US Newspaper on 31th Dec. 1905

95. “Old Tracks and New Landmarks” By  Mary Walker, 1897

96. “When i was in Greece” – Confessions of a Macedonian, 1913

97. Testimonies from Australian Newspapers of 1903 – Ilinden, a Bulgarian Uprising

98. Modern Historians about Macedonia – Richard Clogg

99. 1913 – ‘The History of Nations’: The majority of Macedonian Slavs are of Bulgarian Race and Speech

100. 1906 – Rare documents from the British House of Commons about the Macedonian Question

101. A Slav from Macedonia almost a century ago: “I used to be a Bulgar and now i am a Serb”

102. 1906 – W.H.Herbert: ‘There is no such thing as “Macedonian” language’

103. British Foreign State Papers 1890-1891 – The Bulgarians of Macedonia

104. 1903 Official Documents from United States Foreign Relations – The Bulgarian Uprising in Macedonia!!!!!

105. 1639 – Italian traveller Giorgio Bianchi account: The Sancak of Uskub (Skopje) was inhabited by Turks, Serbs and Albanians

106. Skopje’s Population in 1881

107. 8 May 1888 – Pall Mall Gazette about the Population of Macedonia

108. 1842 – Population Statistics of Ottoman Empire in Europe

109. Modern writers about Macedonia – 1897 The Battlefields of Thessaly, With Personal Experiences in Turkey and Greece

110. Judaeo-Spanish Folktales in Macedonia

111. 1904 – Cornhill Magazine about Macedonia

112. Ethnic groups worldwide

113. Rare Document – In 1884 the Slavs of Macedonia sent a Dispatch to Gladstone identifying themselves as Bulgarian Macedonians!!!

114. 2 Oct 1903 – The Prime Minister of England Balfour knew NO “Ethnic Macedonians”

115. Gligorov : We have No Connection with Alexander the Greek and his Macedonia

116. Macedonia 14 Oct. 1900 – Bulgarian bands commiting Outrages against Greeks

117. 25th March 1878 – Leeds Mercury’s Article about Macedonia

118. Delcheff: ” We are all Bulgars – We must work for Bulgaria “

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