New forgery from FYROM propaganda exposed – document of 1915

Recently a new attempt from FYROM’s propaganda machine was made to prove triumphantly the existence of “Macedonian language” from an ‘original document’, as the propagandists claimed of 1915. 

The so-called “original greek document which contradicted Athens” was published by a newspaper in FYROM while “Translated and edited” (lol!) by…who else…Risto Stefov.

Of course the new “amazing discovery” was spread in the net through the usual propagandistic FYROM sites.

I noticed the two (???) parts of the “original document” (see above) and could hardly kept myself from laughing with the inherent imbecibility these propagandists carry.

Aside of the quite clearly differences, even in the pen, way or writing between the two parts, in the so-called “original document’ the first part contains the phrase in Greek:

“σήμερα Τρίτη Μαρτίου, ημέρα Τρίτη, χίλια εννιακόσια δεκαπέντε”” (transl: today 3rd March, Tuesday, 1915″

while in the second part of this “original” document the date is comically…quite different!!!

“6 Μαρτίου, 19(1?)5” (transl: 6 March, 19(1?)5).

Conclusion: The entire pathetic attempt of FYROM propagandists to construct a new forgery proved to be quite ineffectual, not to mention fatuous and comes to prove for once more FYROM’s pitiful propaganda is not going to stop in the near future but will keep up creating such an embarrassing collection of ludicrous fabrications.

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Φωντας says:

Thank you… Thank you…

I had the best day of the year so far. I never thought it was possible to have such a good laugh with the gibberish of our northern Slavic friends. The problem is that they are indoctrinated to lie from their childhood. As you all know if you repeat lies, in the end the lies become a reality. Thats what happened with Skopjans. Lies became an obsession to them. They cant face truth, neither reality. They will remain LIARS all of their lives.

Niki Lacatus says:


To any who is human and would like to understand and listen to another human.

With the Civil War in Greece 1948, I was 9 months on the exhodus where? in Romania. My brother in Chechoslovakia, my grandmother in Poland, grandfather in jail in Giura, my relative scatering all over the war. My father dies, he was a partisan. Now to the lady keep saying ‘FYROM propaganda’. I grew up in Romania under the Greek control, I grow up in refugee camps for 6 years kids like me: macedonian, greeks, pontus and evrity. So far o.k. My name was Stefo Niki after my ‘father’s name origin Trikala Kalabaca. Now suddenly my name changed to Lazarova and sent to a high school in Bucharest. So I graduated in a Greek language. In scholl I always heard and some of the kids we were call ‘ta makedonopula’. So far ok. no problem. I tried many times to get visa to see my dedo/baba still alive in Andartiko with no success. I was told ‘ you will never step in Greece” Then as kid I thoguht ‘blame it to the war’ nothing else. I spoke only Greek and Romanian. To make the story short coming to Canada 1975 I worked volunteer for the Greek community. ……..but now things change. Each time I mentioned my village the answe was ‘ oh esi ise apo aftonus’ meaning ‘you are those one’ I used to ask them what do you mean ‘those ones’ . I came to Canada thinking I will be far way from war, politicis, ignorance, hate, lies…I was wrong. Was time to found out who I was? Did not take too long, talk to some Greeks also caming from Easter Contries, talk to the most important person ‘my mom’ and I can go on and an and on. Propaganda was when my stepfather was saying to my mom ‘afti tin giftiki glosa then tha tin milisume sto spiti’ but the greek stepfater died in Republic in Macedonia. Before his death 1984 he told horify stories. So, to my person keeping saying ‘propaganda’ my answer is I am Macedonia and today I do speak Macedonia. As a facutly secretary to one of the prestigous university in Toronto I meet many professor. I do not have to explain my self as soon as they hear ” I am Macedonian descent’ they smile and their answer is : roots from the Alexander. Also we have over 40 thousand students, student all over the world. The students coming from Egypt, Afganistan, India, Iran, Irak…..when I mentioned my ethnicity their answer is; We know you are Macedonia and the Greeks stole your history…….thank you

dodoni says:

i can’t understant what is wrong with these people. They send us in hell out of our Macedonia? We are acussed of all these crimes and that we occupy their lands? Greece have 95% of the historic ancient Macedonia. They hold our land.
We must do something about this unprofessional, unhistoric, propagandistic magazine

Libertas Greece says:

Sas stelnw to likn pou diavasa moliw twra kai mou epesan ta mallia