New Racist Delirium by Academic in FYROM against Greeks

Everyday we are becoming witnesses of more extreme examples of FYROM’s Ultra-Nationalism. Unfortunately this aggressive form of ultra-nationalism is strongly influnced by Racist ideologies and these people simply cant hide it.
A reader of our blog today, sent us an interesting mail and informed us about the following:
“This is a brief article in the “Spic” daily, entitled “Crna Atina” (“Black Athena”) written by Dorde Marjanovic, professor emeritus of Law.
 The article goes on to state things like “…..if Black Athena is the cradle of the European civilization, you are free to call me St. George…..”…”international mediators are forcing us to make a concession to the Black Arab in Athens and to change our constitutional name, because if that sub-saharian snake managed to stole the civilization from Phoenicians and Egyptians, than we have to recognize that some people are good being for nothing…”….”much to the satisfaction of my [family] at home I will remove my hands off Prust and I shall begin to translate the classic of anthropology Martin Bernall and his “Black Athena“. That classical work should get as much publicity and by that every European should find out the truth about the non-European character of Athens and the entire Greece.
Racism (sense of racial superiority) and xenophobia (irrational fear of foreigners) are attitudes and sentiments very common among skopjians that can be passed on from generation to generation. Noone can expect from the ordinary citizen of F.Y.R.O.M to stop his/er racial slur while there are brain-washed to hate by ‘academics’ in that state .”


We would like to add to the above lines of our reader that Racism of any kind has no place among civilised societies. We are sad to witness that such deplorable words of hate are used extensively by “intellectuals” in FYROM and as it seems untill now, even worst without any official reactions there. This hateful language is Entirely  against the main principles of EU and if FYROM doesnt manage to eliminate irredentism and racism, sadly for them the door of EU will slap on their face and leave them out.

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