FYROM Irredentism against neighbouring states – an almost daily Phenomenon

It appears that expressions of Irredentist claims in FYROM has became an almost daily phenomenon to the point it doesnt surprise anyone anymore. This irredentist mentality of FYROM Slavs against neighboring states appears sadly to become stronger and stronger every day, while it constitutes a main problem both for FYROM’s relations with neighbouring States like Greece and certainly the main reason why the doors of EU and NATO will close impenetratably for FYROM followed by all the negative aspects for the state of FYROM in the future.

Recently we had the return to his homeplace of FYROM’s former minister Ljube Boskoski after he was  acquitted by a UN tribunal on Thursday on the charges of murder, cruel treatment and other war crimes during an attack of 2001 on an Ethnic Albanian village.  During the Celebrations on Ljube Boskoski’s return to FYROM at Skopje square, except the general joy among FYROMian Slavs it was also evident the…irredentist aspirations against neighbouring states.


Take a closer look to the flag in the right side of the picture of the link. Its clearly a flag depicting the great dream of all ultra-Nationalists in FYROM. The map of the so-called “United Macedonia”. Anyone should ask after this pitiful event. Didnt ANYONE from the organisers of this major celebration cared to remove this pitiful sample of FYROM’s Ultra-nationalism eventhough the flag was in front of their eyes and the celebration in Skopje’s square was one of the major news in FYROM the specific day??? The answer is simply Certainly NOT. Everybody from FYROM’s officials who were present in the event, for one more time turned a blind eye.  The above fact just provides a more clear picture of the long-standing irredentist policy against Greece and justifies entirely all those who consider the name-issue as the vehicle of Irrendism from Greece’s northern neighbour!!!

By Nikolas K.

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