Time magazine article January 9, 1950 refutes FYROM’s propaganda about the Greek abducted Children “Deca Begaltsi”

We continue exposing the shameless falsification of history from FYROM’s propagandists about the Greek abducted children, during Greek civil war. We already saw till now the testimony of Irene Damopoulou, a self-witness herself, speaking about the hardships experienced by these Greek children!!

From the article “Innocent’s Day” by Time Magazine on January 9, 1950


Peace had come to battered, impoverished Greece; the Communist guerrillas had been driven out, perhaps for good. But last week, on Innocents’ Day (the Church calendar’s anniversary of Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents in Judea), Greece had a day of mourning—for 28,000 children abducted by the bandits and now living on foreign, Communist soil.

A two-gun salute from Mount Lycabettus woke Athenians at dawn. Church bells tolled and flags drooped at half-mast. Newspapers appeared with black-framed front pages. Places of amusement were closed all day, and for half an hour all traffic stopped, streets emptied, doors were closed and blinds drawn.

Queens Do Not Beg. Earnest young Queen Frederika, mother of three, broadcast a poignant message from the royal palace. She begged for the return of the 28,000 children living in exile “as a mother—because queens are not supposed to beg.” Added Frederika: “The civilized world has remained silent too long.”

The civilized world had made some well-meaning but ineffective protests. UNSCOB (the U.N.’s Special Committee on the Balkans) had verified the mass deportation of Greek children. The U.N. General Assembly had called on Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Rumania for the return of the children. These governments had finally agreed to return any children called for by petition of their parents. Up to last week the Greek Red Cross had forwarded 8,000 petitions, but not one child had been sent back.

Not Even Goodbye. In the palace with Frederika was a group of black-clad peasant women huddled at her side. Kaliroe Gouloumi, from Gorgopotamos, in Epirus, remembered how the Communists took her children: “They were in our village for a year. First they took our animals, then our food, then our children. I had three.” Kaliroe wiped her eyes with her black shawl. “They did not even let me say goodbye. They said they were no longer my children but their children.”

Said Kleoniki Kiprou from Monopilo Kastoria: “First they hanged the priest, then they cut off his mother’s hands, and then they ordered us to follow them. What could we do?” In Albania her eight-year-old girl and five-year-old boy were taken from her and a rifle was thrust into her hands. Tapping the weapon, the rebel capetdnias said: “This is your husband, this your child.” Kleoniki was forced into the battle of Vitsi. She deserted and got back to her village—without her children. In Fourka Konitsa, the villagers learned in advance of the guerrillas’ abduction plans. They hid the children in ditches. The guerrillas, frustrated, took Sofia Makri and 20 other mothers to the mountains and tortured them. Said Sofia last week: “They hung us from pine trees. They burned our feet with coals. They beat us. When we fainted they revived us with cold water from the spring. Fourteen of us died up there but we did not tell. When the Greek army entered our village they found the dead living, for out of the earth came our children.”

There is no evidence that the Greek children living in Communist countries are physically abused. International Red Cross investigators have seen some of the children and reported that they are well fed. They are being schooled as young Communists and they are expected to feel and show enthusiasm. Said a U.N. delegate in despair: “In ten years there will be NO abducted Greek children; they will have been absorbed.”


Thanks to Christos for the article.

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westclub4 says:

Dear ethnic brothers Macedon and Alexandros,

Ethnic Macedonian brothers and sisters north and south of the border, both of you are of significant ethnic Greek Macedonian descent. You have nothing in common either of you, with either the raiding Turanic Avars or the barbarous Baltic Slavs. Indeed, particlualry those of you who live in the north, are nothing but Macedonian Greeks whose language got slavicized at some time in the past, as a result of partition and occupation, oppression and propaganda, that was bestowed upon them by a foreign Tataric Bulgarian elite, who rules for many centuries over your land and also over ‘you’ -i.e. the slavophones ethnic Macedonian Greeks of the north.

You are neither Bulgarians, nor Serbs. You are not south-Slavic and Tataric, neither are you of Huns or of Turanic peoples. Indeed, you are a slavicized Hellenic people. You are nothing but an ethnic Macedonian Greek and an ethnic Thracian Greek slavicized people, which once was consisting of ancient Macedonians, Paeonians, Traces, Agrianes, Dardanians, Illyrians, Thessalians, Epirotes, Bryghian, Pelasgian, Arcadians, Ionians, Durians, Aeolians, Moesians, Trojans -to name but a few of the many more ethnic Greek tribes of the old Hellenic Peninsula, who dueled in your historic geographical regions, at a distant past.

Practically, you consist of a slavicized Hellenic-Greek tribal stock and of an ancient Pelasgian Greek indigenous people, which has nonetheless been the original population of the Hellenic Peninsula, long before the Slavs or the Bulgarians had ever set foot in the Balkans. Despite of the many centuries of Roman, Avaric, Slavic, Bulgarian and Turkish rule and barbarous occupation, which you suffered and yet survived to this date, you have neither lost much of your true Macedonism, nor have you forgotten about your original Hellenic Pelasgian descent and indigenous ethnic Macedonian origin.

Therefore, it is important for you today to understand that you are neither Slavic nor Avaric, nor Hun or Bulgarian at all. True, they may still -to the present day- occupy much of your glorious ancient Hellenic land, they may also oppress and tyrannize you, suppress and brainwash you with their arms and means of mass propaganda, but you shall all in one day rise anew to liberate your land and reunite of your country with your ethnic Greek brothers and sisters in the south. We hope that you will soon rise up; that, you will successfully liberate the northern Macedonian region, as well as, that you will manage to set free all of northern Thracian and of the northern Epirotic regions too, so that -you will liberate the oppressed and subjugated Hellenism throughout all these historical and ancient Greek lands.

We shall assist you culturally and spiritually -and, by all means necessary, to get rid of the Slavic and Bulgarian elites who govern and oppress you, who brainwash your minds and who also poison your brains with racial and with ethnic hatred, at the same time -so that, one day we shall all unite again to a forthcoming Hellenic Republic that will signal the spring of a new era both for humanity and for Hellenism too.

One day we shall set Macedonia free! One day we shall set free all of the Macedonian people, again! Long live a united and Hellenic Macedonia and a united and Hellenic Thrace. Long live a united and Hellenic Epirus and also a united and Hellenic Illyrian and Dardanian land. Long live a united and Hellenic Moesia and Tryiballoea.

Long live the forthcoming united Hellenic Peninsula of all ancient Pelasgian, Greek and Hellenic peoples. Long live all Illyrian, Dardanian, Paeonian, Macedonian and Thracian lands and the original, and also glorious and ethnically Greek, ancient peoples and indigenous Hellenic tribes of the north!

For a united Hellenic Peninsula, for the unity of all Hellenic Peoples of indigenous, glorious and historic descent! For a united and a democratic Hellenic Republic that would bring freedom, peace and prosperity today to all Balkan peoples and to all ancient -and also historic, ethnically Greek Balkan tribes!

Alexandros says:

Another product of severe FYROMian propaganda. ALL and i mean A-L-L international organisations, related UN reports and documents etchetera mention Greek children, yet the pure samples of FYROM’s racist propaganda believe otherwise. In the end its not entirely your fault. You were born in a environment full of Hate, Lies and manipulation of the truth. You are the result of it. Your fault is that you buy all the crap they are feeding you without any questions and redistribute it. Typical example of a brainwashed individual whose world will collapse immediately when he faces the truth. The children were Greek and were forcefully taken not only from Macedonia but also from Epirus, Thrace, Thessaly. Now all these children became from your racist propaganda “Macedonians”. I remember a family from Epirus whose one girl was forcefully taken by Greek communists. After years of searches, they found her married in FYROM. She had a Slavic surname, she called herself a “Macedonian” and hate everything Greek. This is what your terrorist state does to people.

Macedon says:

I am looking at your blog and I can not help myself to thing about Orwellian 1984.
I do not know what kind of people you are. I do not know are you people at all.
You are speaking about the children who were driven out by Greek army from Greece, because are Macedonians. But in this blog or web site you are claiming that this children are Greek. It is realy INSANE.
Your country forbid people to express national and ethnic identity. Your government deny this children(now old folks) to come back at their homes. I personally know some of this poor people. This people claim that Greek government ask them to sign a document that are from Greek origin so to be allowed to go back in Greece.
And what is the most sad , this is happening in 21 century.