FYROM propaganda ‘The use of the term Macedonia was forbidden in Greece until 1988’ Part III

We have already dealt previously here and here with one of the most ill-concieved Skopjan lies. The outrageous claim  insisting that the term Macedonia was….forbidden in Greece prior to 1988!!!

One of the most famous Greek orchestras was the “Makedoniki Orchestra”, quite odd for a name if anyone…thinks for a moment the empty claims of the tragically foolish Skopjan propaganda. Lets see now related leaflets and newspaper articles, making also mention to the minister-general administrator of…Macedonia. Notice here Greece used a minister of Macedonia…in other words skopjans want the whole world to believe the Greek state had appointed an official administrator with a…”forbidden” title!!! Of course while dealing with such foolish Slavic propagandistic claims, rationality is nowhere to be found among them!

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