L’empire de Turquie,by Xavier Heuschling, 1860

L’empire de Turquie,by Xavier Heuschling,1860

All the Balkan peoples that were residing in the Ottoman empire and their numbers.There are mentioned Bulgarians, Serbs, Bosnians, Herzegovinians e.t.c,other Slavic branches, Vlachs and Moldovlachs, Albanians, Ottomans of Asiatic origin,Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Gypsies (Bohemians) and Tatars,except the <Macedonians>.

The Slavic race includes the Bulgarians,the Serbs,the Bosnians,the Herzegovinians e.t.c.

<In 980 the Bulgarians established in Macedonia the 2nd Bulgarian kingdom….The Bulgarians inhabit the biggest part of Roumelia and Macedonia…>

Serbs,Bulgarians,Bosnians,Croatians,Herzegovinians and Montenegrins but not any <Macedonians>

The Slavic languages are those of the Serbs,the Bulgarians,the Bosnians and the Herzegovinians

The Herzegovinians and the Montenegrians speak a language almost similar to the Serbian,the Croatians speak a dialect quite different from the Serbian,a few Greeks speak Slavic,a few Bulgarians and less Serbs speak Greek.No one of all the above people speaks something like <Makedonski>

<The biggest part of the Bulgarians and the Greeks in Thrace and Macedonia understand the Turkish language >

In Athos mountain someone can find monks of Greek,Russian,Bulgarian,Serbian and Moldavian origin,but not any <Macedonian> monks.So in these monasteries in Macedonia were monks from all the Orthodox nations except the …<Makedonski>

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