PR Propaganda by Gruevski

Several medias today briefly flashed the news that “two assassination attempts against Nikola Gruevski were thwarted in last couple of months, one of them from criminal, the other from political motives“.The leading and primary proliferator of this alleged news is A1 TV.The info spread among many blogs and became heavily commented with almost unanimous conclusion that its a PR stunt by Gruevski.

Take note that viewers in Gruevski’s Feudal FYROMia are exposed to several daily sessions of budget-payed commercials about “remarkable” success stories of the Government in all walks of life which sharply contrast with escalating misery and predictions of economically tough winter. Also the assassination story doesn’t mention any arrests (!). [Note from HoM: Geez what are they feeding these people!!! Anyone wanna bet that they will imply soon the big bad Greeks were behind the so-called…assasination attempts????]

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