FYROM’s Travel Agency site admits the Greekness of ancient Macedonians


Its surprising that in FYROM, a place where the state-imposed propaganda has almost succeed in silencing the openminded voices that dare to speak the truth, we will find sources which speak their minds against the ultra-nationalistic general tedencies. One example of the latter comes from the site of Inter Kont travel Agency: (interkont.com.mk/en/12.htm). Our compliments to the site owners and we hope their openmindness finds more examples in their country.

travelagency FYROMs Travel Agency site admits the Greekness of ancient Macedonians



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Yannis Vassalos says:

Please check the site http://www.interkont.com.mk of the travel agency that you “praise” for their fairness and you will notice the following :

1) in their home page http://www.interkont.com.mk , Greek Macedonia on the map is written as “Egeiska Makedonija”

2) in the page that you mention (interkont.com.mk/en/12.htm), the fyromian city if Gevgelija is described as a city if the Aegean Macedonia…..!!!!

I hardly see any fairness and objectivity from their part. They simply say that Pella and Aiges are Greek cities because they are selling a tour there and have no other choice…. Any tourist who would visit these cities can see the inscriptions in Greek and not in Cyrillic. Interkont.com.mk are simply opportunistic and cynical.