The Greatest Collection of Macedonian Newspapers on the Web

The following collection of Macedonian Newspapers is what Skopjans hate most since it completely shatters their illusions that “Macedonia was a term forbidden in Greece” prior to 1988. Contrarily Macedonian Newspapers were in use  from 19th cent. even prior to the invention of the Skopjan fictitious “nationality”.

Newspapers like:

– Echo tis Makedonias

– Dytiki Makedonia

– Makedonikos Epinohr

– H Pammakedoniki

– Makedoniki Enosis

– Makedoniki echo

– H Makedoniki

– Makedonikos Astir

– Makedoniki foni

– Elliniki Makedonia

– Makedonika Xronika

– Makedonia

– Makedonikos

– MAkedonika Salpismata

– Makedonia

– Makedonomachos

– Makedonikos Typos

– Makedoniki Echo

– Makedoniki

– Chronika Dytikis Makedonias

– Makedonikon Vima

– Makedonis Gh

– Makedoniki Floga

– Makedonika Themata

– Makedonika Spor

– Makedonika Nea tis Thessalonikis

– Makedoniki Neolaia

– Makedonikes selides

– Makedonopoulo

– Makedonika grammata

– Makedonika

– Makedonikon hmerologion

– La Macedoine

are the best evidence against FYROM’s misinformation and Lies.

Congrats to Samios Makedonas for his collection!!

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