The Establishment of “General Administration of Macedonia”

The Law 524 (Photo) which was published in the newspaper of the State 404/24.12.1914 with the title “Peri Dioikitikis Diareseos kai dioikiseos ton Neon Choron” for first time in modern Balkan history, established administrative system which includes the term Macedonia with the title “General Administration of Macedonia”.

The process of the administrative incorporation of Macedonia started right after the military operations of the Balkan wars with the law ΔΡΛΔ’ 4134 of February 1913 “Περί διοικήσεως των στρατιωτικώς κατεχομένων χωρών” which was temporary and had as its basic minus the ill-coordination of the General Administration along with the ministries. This phaenomenon was also found  in the General Administrations of Epirus and Aegean. After the Treaty of Bucharest (10 Aug. 1913) where these territories officially became Greek, the process of incorporation started.

The last time the term was used, was at the period of  Byzantine empire with the known theme of Macedonia which was founded between ages 789 and 802 and essentially composed the western part of Thrace’s theme. The specific theme had as its capital, Adrianople and was not related in territories with Historical Macedonia, a fact which was also known to Byzantines since they were refering to it as theme “Macedonia-Thrace” or “Makedonia kata Thrakin”. More in: Η Γεωγραφική Μακεδονία κατά την Ρωμαική και Βυζαντινή Εποχή

The above historical info completely shatters the erroneous claims of FYROM (Filipoff, Milososki) that Greece first used the name in 1988. Greece uses the name based on laws of International Treaties (those that the Slavs of FYROM break constantly) from 1914.

Source: Akritas Blog