12 Years of a Ultra-Totalitarian FYROMian Law



(Služben vesnik na RM 13/96 od 15 mart 1996 god.)

(The Official magazine of RM 13/96 from 15th of March 1996 ye.)

The organized private research of history is forbidden:

Člen 16

Odobrenieto može da se dade za site oblasti opredeleni kako javen interes vo naučno-istražuvačkata dejnost, osven za naučnite istražuvanja vo oblasta na istoriskiot i kulturniot identitet na makedonskiot narod i nacionalnostite koi živeat vo Republika Makedonija, odbranata i bezbednosta.

Article 16

The approval (for performing public scientific work-Vasko) can be given for all areas designated as a public interest in scientific-exploring activity, with the exception of scientific research in the area of historical and cultural identity of the ‘Macedonian’ people (sic) and the nationalities which live in the ‘Republic of Macedonia’ (sic), defense and security.

By Vasko

Ironically this comes from a state whose people are constantly whinning about “Democracy” in other countries!!

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