Alexander the Great in Ancient Irish Poetry

Kuno Meyer (20 December 1858 – 11 October 1919) was a German scholar, distinguished in the field of Celtic literature.
On 1911 he published the work Selections from Ancient Irish Poetry.

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alexms9 Alexander the Great in Ancient Irish Poetry

Alexander the Great

Four men stood by the grave of a man,
The grave of Alexander the Proud:
They sang words without falsehood
Over the prince from fair Greece.

Said the first man of them:
‘Yesterday there were around the king
The men of the world – a sad gathering!
Though today he is alone.’

‘Yesterday the king of the brown world
Rode upon the heavy earth:
Though to-day it us the earth
That rides upon his neck.’

‘Yesterday’, said the third wise author,
‘Philip’s son owned the whole world:
Today he has nought
Save seven feet of earth’.

‘Alexander the liberal and great
Was wont to bestow silver and gold;
Today’ said the fourth man,
‘The gold is here and it is nought’.

Thus truly spoke the wise men
Around the grave of the high-king:
It was not foolish women’s talk
What those four sang.

By Amarantos

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