The voices of Concerned citizens from FYROM rise against their State’s sponsored Nationalism and call for the Europeanization of their country

A group of concerned citizens of FYROM has issued an appeal calling on the populace of FYROM to join them in their struggle against the “occupiers of their minds and spirits”.  This appeal is a response to the increasing state-sponsored Nationalism, the unfulfilled promises of their politicians who are ” sucking the blood of their country”, the  “Bucephalisation” and corruption of their Media,  judges, academics, rectors and finally all those who have transformed the temple of democracy into the shame of democracy.  The appeal calls upon the Europeanization of the country, combat against the nationalist rhetoric by politicians and especially their government while they express their wish to restore their dignity as citizens.

We, the Macedonians, and the rest of Greeks, fully understand all these concerned citizens of FYROM, and we fully support their struggle! WE CONGRATULATE THEM FOR THEIR BRAVERY! Actions like this one, like this Manifesto, are actions of the outmost dignity! We may disagree on the  usage of the term “Macedonia” for their country, because we believe, we and the rest of the world, that this does not correspond to the history and the facts, but we express our gratitude on their honourable motives and wish their effort to a Europeanization of their country become true!!!

———————————– The Appeal———————————————————-

European Macedonia Manifesto

Today the Sun of Freedom does not rise in Macedonia. Today, our sun is setting. It’s becoming darker and darker, and we are surrounded by utter darkness. A heavy fog of propaganda is lingering over country. Our hibernated mind has produced thousands of political monsters. Benefiting from our indolence they are sucking the blood of the country we established with grave difficulties. Taking advantage of our fear and our simpleton’s spirit, they are trotting all over our rights and freedoms.

Dear citizens,

Those of you who want to live in a European Macedonia – not in a neolithic, biblical, nor antique Macedonia – join us in our struggle against the occupiers of our mind and spirit!

We struggle to restore the dignity of the citizen. Our struggle is against the politicians who talk about Europeanisation and the fight against corruption, but in fact enforce “Bucefalisation” and corruption of media, judges, academics and rectors. Our struggle is against the alleged democrats that decide behind closed doors. Our struggle is against those who are paid by the people and who transformed the temple of democracy into the shame of democracy! Our struggle is against the powerholders who abuse the name Macedonia for personal, family and party interests on daily basis. Our struggle is against the so-called “fighters for the name and identity” who are feeding arguments to Greek nationalists and enslaving our souls with hatred for all Greeks. Those same “fighters” turn out to be Greek crown witnesses in court cases against our country, while we are paying the millions for the sanctions imposed.

Dear Citizens,
We are not naive! We do not drink “Greek” oil or “Swedish” milk from our domestic cows! We know what we want, and what we do not want. And we have the right to confront all those standing on our way to EU accession.

We do not want an isolated and provincialised Macedonia! We want a State where law will rule instead of the wimp of party despots. We want a State in which the citizens will be able to elect and be elected freely without being afraid that they might be hit by a strayed bullet at the polling stations.
We do not want a State where budget resources are spent on party commercials and public manipulation instead on resolving civic problems. We have had enough of corrupt media owners and terrified journalists abiding by their rules. We have had enough of party megaphones that poison our minds with conspiracy theories, eat burek every day, and kneel before the “pastor” in the name of the people. We refuse to pay for a Show in 100 Steps or for a Renaissance in 100 Campaigns! We do not want the budget of the State Security to be bigger than the budget for fighting poverty and unemployment. We do not want a public administration that will serve party high officials instead of citizens. We do not want a cultural policy that is merely an instrument for political manipulation and nationalistic demagogy. We do not want Skopje to be the necropolis of kitsch instead the metropolis of culture!

Dear Citizens,
We do not deserve politicians who see youth, students, farmers, redundant workers and pensioners merely as “target groups”. We do not deserve to live with the fear of being heavily sanctioned for some petty offense of public peace and order. We do not deserve a government praised by false non-governmental organisations funded by the government itself. We do not deserve a government that in front of the cameras plants trees that never grow roots and leaves. We do not deserve cameras in hospital wards that do not meet even prison standards. We do not want a government that walks into our bedrooms and divides women into “offspring killers” and “live baby borners”.

We do not need a government that lavishly spends millions of euros on spots and monuments to convince us that we are not what we think we were, and that we will be what the authorities think we ought to be. We do not need a government that talks about national unity but creates new national and religious feuds. We can do without a government pretending to be patriotic, but in fact is a self-worshipping lover of fame, money and power.

Dear Citizens of European Macedonia!

Our struggle is the struggle for civic unity based on the principles that go beyond ethnic lusting. We struggle for a democratic society founded upon the sovereignity of the citizen, not the ethnic, religious and party collectivities controlled by leaders who govern by digging trenches instead of building bridges.

Join this front for European Macedonia with your heart and soul!
Long live European Macedonia!

Skopje, 1st February 2009


By Jason

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