Greek Journalist Fall Victim of Robbery and Beating in Skopje

According to E-Typos, a Greek Journalist fell victim of Robbery and Beating inside the hotel room she was residing in  Skopje, as the victim claimed herself.
The woman stated that she had been in Skopje since Friday and at the midday of Saturday, while she was staying in her room, she heard someone knocking on the door. She heard a woman’s voice saying “Room Service”.

When the Greek Journalist opened the door, as she claims,  she was attacked by a woman who hit her followed by a man that forcibly pushed her towards the room’s bed where he kept her immobilised under the threat of a knife.

Simultaneously, as the the woman stated,  the unknown man was insulting her and Greece in general, while his accomplice was searching in the Greek woman’s luggages. She stole the Journalist’s laptop, all the money she found, including a valuable watch and a ring.

The Greek Journalist fell unconscious and the two offenders left the room along with their booty. After this new event against a Greek National, it seems  FYROM is no safe destination for any Greek nowadays!!!

By Nikolas

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