Kalfin roused fears in Skopje


Bulgaria will pose certain conditions to FYROM in its negotiations for accession to the European Union.

Updated on: 19.03.2009, 10:25

Such an opinion has been formed in Skopje regarding the announcement made by Minister Ivaylo Kalfin that the Republic “must solve all its problems with its neighbors, in order to become a member of the organization“, BNR reported.
Under the heading “Bulgarians prepare a “Slovenian package” on its front page this morning, the Skopje paper “Shpitz” synthesizes the opinion of FYROMian political scientists and intellectuals.
According to some of them, “Bulgaria is no longer ready to support FYROM and in future negotiations on the topic “Neighbor relations”, after the Slovenian example, might pose some conditions.
“Shpitz” draws a conclusion that the “package” would include questions in connection with “the identity, history, language, culture, as well as the rights of the Bulgarians” in FYROM.


Source: News.bg

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