First signals about violations of voting in FYROM arrive


normal News First signals about violations of voting in FYROM arrive

The first signals about violations of the voting in FYROM arrived at noon, Focus News Agency reported.
In Skopje’s Saraj municipality voting materials have reportedly been changed. The competent authorities are investigating the case.
FYROM elects president and local authorities on Sunday. The interest in many places is apparently growing. The polling stations were almost empty at about 8:00 in the morning, but now they are full of voters.
The voting in the larger cities is passing smoothly. Despite Interior Ministry’s assurances that it will work according to a special pan for the 2009 elections in order to avoid violent incidents like the ones in the previous election, the police could hardly be noticed in the towns and villages. Only some of the polling stations are guarded.

Source: Focus Information Agency

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