History of Macedonia 1354-1833

Map 17. The movements of Greek and Turkish forces during the insurrection in Chalcidice (1821) and on Olympus and Vérmion (1822).

Map 18. The movements of Macedonian refugees to Southern Greece (1821-1822).

Fig. 203. Nicholas Kasomoulis of Kozáni (1795-1871), who took a prominent part in the revolution of 1821.

Fig. 215. Uniform of a Kavas of the European consulates, around íhe end of the 19th century.

Fig. 188. John N. Papafis

Fig. 189. Benjamin, bishop of Sérvia and Kozáni.

Fig. 191. Photograph of Constantine Papas, the younger son of Emmanuel Papas. Constantine much resembled his father. He died at Sérres, where his wife and three daughters were still living up till 1910.

Fig. 204. Tomb-stone of Emmanuel Papas in the church of Hypapanti on Hydra.
(Archives of G. Maraveleas)

Fig. 190. Emmanuel Papas’ statue in Sérres.

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