Rare Aeropos Tetradrachm from Hunt


Rare Aeropos Tetradrachm from Hunt

 Estimate $3000 Sold For $7000  
KINGS of MACEDON. Aeropos. 398/7-395/4 BC. AR Stater (10.44 g, 10h). Aigai or Pella mint. Head of Apollo right, with short hair, wearing taenia / AERO-P-O, horse advancing right, trailing rein, within linear border in shallow incuse square. Westermark, Remarks pl. LXIX, 12; AMNG III/2 1; SNG ANS 76; SNG Alpha Bank 172; SNG München -. Good VF, attractive dark iridescent toning. Rare.
Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

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