Greek PM calls on Skopje to give up attempts to twist and re-write history

News Greek PM calls on Skopje to give up attempts to twist and re write history
Skopje. Greece’s Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has sent a harsh message to the governing politicians in Skopje that their own choice will determine the country’s way to Euro-Atlantic structures, Greek Naftemporiki daily writes on its Internet site.
Speaking in Pella during his tour there, Karamanlis said there were no roundabout roads to the unanimous decision at NATO summit (when heads of state and government agreed that Skopje has to solve the name dispute with Athens in order to receive an invitation for Alliance membership, Focus News Agency’s note).
The Prime Minister called on Skopje to give up the attempts to twist and re-write history.
The passport to Euro-Atlantic institutions requires a compound name with a geographical attribute, which will be valid for everyone. And the responsibility for the passport lies with Skopje,” he highlighted and added:
“It is high time solutions far from nationalism and hatred were found.”

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