DUI’s Ahmeti urges for quick solution of FYROM-Greece dispute

Skopje / 6/05/09 / 15:29

The head of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, warned the leader of its ruling coalition partner VMRO DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, that any delay of entrance in NATO may cause insecurity among citizens.

In a statement given to Alsat-M TV Station today, Ahmeti said stressed that the process of resolving the name dispute with Greece should speed up.

“The name row with Greece has to be bridged as soon as possible because it caused delay in FYROM’s membership in NATO, which triggers insecurity among the citizens. Furthermore, it also caused foreign investors to look away from FYROM,” Ahmeti said.

Commenting the government’s project for construction of a church on the Skopje’s main square, DUI’s leader pointed out that it was normal for such a move to trigger different responses.

According to him, FYROM needs to stay away from situations that may instigate inter-religious conflicts, which is why the authorities have to be careful when it comes to these issues.

Source: MakFax

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