The desperate attempts of FYROM’s propaganda continue

A few internet forums, namely and, posted an e-mail, supposedly from the “Oxford Classicists Discussion Group” mailing list. Such a group is nowhere to be found online.

The supposed e-mail address of the group is “”.

In other words, the format is ““.
The domain is “” and it’s non-existent, as a whois search shows.

In this universe, there is absolutely no way that a mailing list will function with an imaginary domain.

This is another shameless propaganda attempt, in order to discredit dozens of scholars supporting the historical truth about Macedonia and its greek character.

People spreading and supporting unsubstantiated accusations, based on falsified data, face the danger of being publicly humiliated.

by PetrosM
In this video, by FYROMian Sitel TV, it is claimed that Prof. P. F. Mittag actually stated:

“I am surprised to find my name on the list….I have to distance myself from the list. I am not its signatory and it is a farce if Miller does not correct that. I don’t like the tone of the letter. I think it is a political game without winner.”

This is the video-clip of Sitel’s newscast:

This is a screenshot of Prof. Mittag’s fake statement from the video: