Testimonies from Buddhist literature about ancient Macedonians

Buddhist litterature about the ancient macedonians

mahawamsa chapter xii – the converting of different countries
the mahawamsa or great chronicle of sri lanka refers to the thera mahárakkhita being sent to preach to greece (country of the yona).

to vanaväsa be sent the thera named rakkhita, and to aparantaka the yona named dhainmarakkhjta; to maharattha (he sent) the thera named mamdhammarakkhita, but the thera maharakkhita he sent into the country of the yona.

The thera dhammarakkhita the yona, being gone to aparantaka’ and having preached in the midst of the people the aggikkhandhopama-sutta gave to drink of the nectar of truth to thirty-seven thousand living beings who had come togdther there, lie who perfectly understood truth and untruth. A thousand men and yet more women went forth from noble families and received the pabbajja.

mahawamsa chapter x – the consecrating of pandukabhaya
mahawamsa chapter xxix – the beginning of the great thupa

with a hundred and sixty thousand bhikkhus came the thera named mittinna from the asokarama in pupphapura. From the kasmira country came the thera utinna bringing with him two hundred and eighty thousand bhikkhus. The wise mahadeva came from pallavabhogga with four hundred and sixty thousand bhikkhus, and from alasanda the city of the yonas came the thera yonamahadhammarakkhita with thirty thousand bhikkhus. From his dwelling by the road through the vinjha forest mountains, came the thera uttara with sixty thousand bhikkhus.

mahabharata viii

the yavanas, o king, are all-knowing; the suras are particularly so. The mlecchas are wedded to the creations of their own fancy.


sarvajnaa yavanaa rajan shuraaz.caiva vishesatah mlecchah svasamjnaa niyataanaanukta itaro janah

he laid out also four suburbs as well as the abhaya-tank, the common cemetery, the place of execution, and the chapel of the queens of the west, the banyan-tree of vessavana and the palmyra-palm of the demon of maladies, the ground set apart for the yonas and the house of the great sacrifice; all these he laid out near the west gate.

edicts of ashoka – the gandhari original of rock xiii
amtiyoko nama yona-raja = the greek king named antiochos

param ca tena atiyokena cature 4 rajani turamaye nama amtikini nama maka nama alikasudaro nama
= and beyond antiochus, four kings by the name of ptolemy, the name of antigonos, the name of magas, the name alexander
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