Bulgaria continues to fear “Macedonian” minority

Bulgaria continues to fear “Macedonian” minority      
Thursday, 04 June 2009
 After two decades of political fighting, yesterday the highest Bulgarian Court once again denied the registration of “Omo Ilinden Pirin”, a “Macedonian” Political Party in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is member of the European Union, and has lost two cases brought against it at the Strasbourg Court by Omo Ilinden Pirin. Each time, Strasbourg has orded Bulgaria to pay financial damages (40,000 euros) to Omo Ilinden and register the party immediately.

Bulgaria had paid the court damages, however continues to forbid registration of a “Macedonian” political party. According to Omo Ilinden Pirin, Bulgaria continues to deny registration of this party for fear what would happen in an election and the parliament seats ethnic “Macedonians” would take in Sofia. 

If we were to glance in Bulgarian archives, the Bulgarian census from 1926 showed 395,000 “Macedonians”, all concentrated in Western Bulgaria, commonly known as Pirin “Macedonia”.  For each census after 1926, the Government has not allowed the listing of the “Macedonian” ethnicity. The Turkish ethnicity is allowed.

Bulgaria and its neighbor Greece in recent years have increased their anti “Macedonian” propaganda and activities. The coordination between the two Governments came into the spotlight a month ago when Greek FM visited Sofia to showcase a book published by the Greek Government of the connection i.e. Bulgarian roots of the “Macedonians.

Further light on anti “” Macedonian” activities by Sofia and Athens surfaced few days ago when Bulgarian Customs Authorities confiscated 15,000 DVD’s and books at the Bulgarian – Greek border. The shipment was mainly” Macedonian” books, dvd’s for the “Macedonians” in Greece, ordered by the Rainbow Party.

The authorities in Sofia, for a week now have not allowed for the books/dvd’s to enter Greece, nor are they returning the shipment to its sender.


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At last a right move from the Bulgarian authorities. The Macedonistic propaganda should be stopped and banned. The OMO party which is financed directly by the Skopian Titoists should be banned too, and those paid separatists expelled from Bulgaria to go to their employers near Vardar (from Bulgar language: Var (hero), Dar (river) -- Heroic River, named by the brave warriors of khan Kuber).