Tired of Dora and her Clan

There are two issues here:  One is that the Slavs want to delay the matter and, also that they want to show to their people that they will not let Greece give them a name.  If the Greek MFA wanted to close this issue in a serious and dignified manner for Greece, they would not officially and very loudly tell the world with what kind of name Greece wants the world to call Skopje.  In the way that the Greek MFA has done it, she is forcing the Skopjans out of resentment to refuse any name that Greece gives them.  Skopje cannot explain to their diaspora that they are listening to Greece. 
While Greece is led by people that seek approval from irrelevant outsiders, assassinating the character of each and every one of us who want to help Greece get out of the mess they have buried Greece under, the Skopjans have recruited anyone and everyone who is willing to help all the while sticking to their guns.  There is NO dissent in the Skopjan internal intelligentsia and Slavic Sobranie representatives, and there is no dissent in their diaspora.  Skopje has employed Public Relations firms which work in any which way they feel they should without the interference from idiots who feel they should be the leaders in the task.  That includes their own politicians.
I know that we have democracy in Greece and Skopje does not.  Voting alone does not render democracy; freedom of speech is part of democracy as well.  However, I find this as a very poor excuse for the Greeks to use:  we cover our real selves, which is the tendency to lead, excel, tell others we are better than anyone else, differ which in essence egoism is leading us to anarchy. The fact is that Greece has no plan to stick to. The Greek government and politicians seek approval from foreign governments, those who later (when Greece is in trouble and in peril to lose territories) will whistle to our pain indifferently, but we are satisfied with the contemporary feeling of flattery thinking that God will help Greece when it is needed.  However, God helps ONLY those who help themselves and as stupid and idiotic as it seemed at that time, the “Macedonian” prayer gave wings to the Slavs.  I am not advocating doing something similar, but the country has to do something NOW before we find ourselves in a path of no return. The Greek “intelligentsia” which has leftist leanings is ready to start their name-calling: “so and so is a nationalist, so and so is a patriot”, etc. and in this way, they intimidate those who want to keep what it is Greek.  The Greek people have to decide whether they want to keep Greece intact disregarding the names the left throws on them.  One has to bear in mind that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Skopje is a very good example.  Everyone in Greece calls them ultra-nationalists, but they listen to nobody and they are keeping what they have stolen with Dora’s permission.   
If I were EYP’s Korandis, I would have started with a psychological profile of all Skopjan political  “stars” in the matter of the name using professional psychologists, (not former, present, and future diplomats, politicians, political scientists, etc.) basing their findings on each article, clip, and utterance these Skopjans have ever spoken or published (yes, 1000 pages plus each), and then manipulate those politicians.  That is exactly what other countries do regarding the Greek idiots in the government who pretend they know everything.  The question of course is, even if Korandis did such a thing with the miserable annual budget he has (1.5 million euros) who is going to listen to the findings?  Absolutely nobody in Greek governments.  Greek politicians have no idea what intelligence is, literally! So here you have it. 
Greece has at best a dysfunctional government and at worst nonfunctional one.  So what are we arguing about?  The game is lost and if anyone is looking for people to blame, they should look at the Parliament of Greece where the political elite living in their own political reality speaks and the substratum of muffled deputies only listens.
Thus far, the Greek Parliament and their cronies have offered Greece cheap scholarship, pseudo-intellectuals, political self-serving hot air, rampant corruption, and immoral ideals.  We all know where Athens’ intelligentsia, rhetoric, philosophy, and thought led Socrates to.  Aristotle was born in Macedonia, but after he went to live in Athens he realized his mistake and moved to Chalcis stating, “I will not allow the Athenians to sin twice against philosophy”.  I think he said it all about the city of intelligentsia, rhetoric, philosophy, thought, and, of course, odium.

By a Reader

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