Skopjan irredentism: one of the latest chapters.

skopjan propaganda

We have been witnesses a myriad of times to the ever growing ultra nationalism spread among the population of the State of Skopje and also its diaspora.

An extreme political stance sponsored by the government of the FYROM ,as far as the interior of this country is concearned, with actions like the renaming of the Skopje city stadium to “Philip II of Macedon” or of the city’s airport to “Alexander the Great”. Acts which go against the logic of the Interim Agreement signed by Greece and FYROM and do not contribute to the improving of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

As regards the diaspora of FYROM, the same result is obtained, among other ways, with the diffusion and the propagation of the “terra irredenta” (unredeemed land) agenda, which in an indirect and historical-like way challenges the sovereignty of Greece, but also of Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia.

The logo of this skopjan diaspora newspaper based in Canada, is another example of that agenda reproducing the idea of a “divided homeland” which historically never existed. We note once again the use of the propagandist term “Aegean Macedonia” ,adopted for the first time by the Skopjan propagandists in the 40s, referred to the Region of Macedonia in Greece, and despite the reference to the “present state borders”, we also notice the names of the major greek cities in Macedonia written in the slavic language, clearly so as to strenghten the idea of that “once united” entity. As if all this fiction was not enough, the spelling of the word Greece completes in the least serious way the already compromised picture.

skopjan propaganda

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