Stephen Miller’s Interview for the FYROMian Weekly “Globus” [23-VI-2009]

This is the entire article about Prof. Miller and the wider “Macedonia Evidence” initiative which includes his interview.


The title is: “Зошто светската наука не ја разбира Македонија” [“Why the Global Science Does Not Understands Macedonia”], Globus, № 114, 23-VI-2009

The prologue by Siniša Stanković gives an introduction to the letter to President Obama, but a greater emphasis is put on the reaction of marginal authors and groups from Canada and Australia, including Bill Nikolov’s MMHRI and writings of the autodidact Risto Stefov about the “artificial character of modern Greek nation” and the “anti-Macedonian pogrom by Athens in XXth century”.

Interview is given in form of contextualized and put in objective context excerpts. The bulk of the interview is predated by key-points to the unpublished letter to “Archaeology” magazine.

Right bellow the picture of the FYROMian Government office decorated with statues there is an article unrelated per se with Prof. Miller interview and his views, entitled: “Revisionism or Idiotism” in which recent publication of a monumental “History of the Macedonian People” by the state-funded INI (Institute for National History) whose main claim is cultural and demographic continuity of the Ancient Macedonians who were only marginally affected by the medieval Slavic settlement and continued as a people with their own tradition. This subtext contains rejection of this thesis by several mostly senior academics, less relevant in recent times.

Only after the picture of Prof. Miller profile facing a statue the main body of the interview follows. The letter to President Obama is given in an abbreviated form.

After the interview, there is a text by an obscure person, Aleksandra Aleksovska, which occasionally writes for “American Chronicle”, website syndicated on “Google News”, entitled: “Counter-Stance” “Already Seen Greek Propaganda!”. Miller’s personal ties with Greece are emphasized, the fact that excavations in Greece can be approved only by authorities which would allegedly forbid any future participation of a scholar which doesn’t publish results consistent with their politics, the fact that some names: Borza, Badian and Green are missing from the list of the signatories and that most of the signed academics do not have Ancient Macedonia as a theme of their specialized career.

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